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Why map?

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“One step, though not a definitive one, toward unifying these struggles is to focus efforts on those moments of creative destruction where the economy of wealth accumulation rests violently on the economy of dispossession, and at that point to proclaim the right to the city by the dispossessed: the right to change the world, to change lives, to reinvent the city according to their desires.”

David Harvey in Rebel Cities

The I.U.R. MAP Informa urbis Romae project began in autumn of 2016. We meet to share our skills to create a first map of the housing occupations in the Roman territory. The name of our project is ispired by cartographic work of Lanciani on ancient Rome and it introduces the political and social function aimed at informing and communicating the state of the art in view of their redefinition. The main purpose of this project is to self-represent the space in which we move, act and interact in order to re-appropriate a vision of our city and neighbourhoods that is not the dominant one, pursued by media and police representatione.

The maps of occupied, liberated and self-managed spaces in the city of Rome are a snapshot that gives us an overview of what is present hic et nunc. The documents aims at testifying the ongoing social processes, the paths of struggles, decisional mechanisms, and what social actors of the spaces are subjected to. Moreover, it hopes to be instruments though which to keep on witnessing and analysing the current transformations: what nurture and decline, what is destroyed and what is generated. The types of data included offer a specific vision, that is necessarily shaped by our cultural and political positioning. We are not the only creators of this work. All of us have contributed to the elaboration process, besides being a work for distribution for benefit, it represents a tool to-be- sharing. The struggle and resistance in the territories necessarily starts from the knowledge and the reappropriation of our own narrative of the territories.


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